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  2. Using the Directory

How to use the Directory

We’ve built multiple components to the Directory’s search function that influence the search results you obtain and how those results are presented to you.

Here’s a breakdown of those components:

  1. Search field
    The search field is one of the main components of Directory searches. You can search for many things, including:
    • Establishment names (e.g. Hospitals, Interdisciplinary Clinics, etc.)
    • Professional’s name (e.g. Dr. Sing, John Smith, etc.)
    • Disciplines (e.g. psychotherapy, cardiology, dentistry, etc.)
    • Services (e.g. addiction treatment, pap test, pediatric optometry consultation, etc.)
    • Conditions or symptoms (e.g. bipolar disorder, bursitis, etc.)
    • And others!

      You’ll notice that as you type, Clinia will display query suggestions. Use them for faster, more accurate results!

  2. Location field
    The location field allows you to narrow your search query to a specific city, region, postal code, or even neighbourhood. Start typing and select one of the suggestions prompted. Only resources close to the chosen location will appear in the search results.

  3. Search Button
    Click this button to query the Directory and see the search results.

  4. Filters
    Filters allow you to narrow your search and get more specific results by including or excluding results based on the criteria you enter. For additional information about Filters, click here.

  5. Clear Filters Button
    Lets you quickly clear all the current filter values.

  6. Search Results
    This is where your search results are displayed. You will also see statistics about the search you just performed.

  7. Sorting
    The Sort by option allows you to sort your results by:
    • Most relevant: shows the most relevant results first
    • Distance: shows closest results first
    • Last updated: shows most recently updated results first

The Distance sorting option is only available if your search query includes a location parameter. Use the location field (2) to do so!

8. Show Map
    Enable the Show map option to visualize your search results on a map. 

9. Administration portal

    Click on the gear wheel icon to access the Administration portal. Note that the Administration portal is only available to users with an Admin role.

10. Help panel
     Contains links to the Clinia Help Center, our status page, and a feedback form.

11. Profile menu
     Click on your profile icon to access your account information or to log out.