Searching for professionals with the Health Sectors filter

The Health Sector Filter offers an efficient way to find health professionals based on specific professions and overspecializations.

The Health Sector filter enables you to search for professionals by selecting their professions and, for further precision, narrow down the results by choosing an overspecialization.

Here’s how to use this filter effectively:

  1. Start by entering a search location, city or postal code, and then launch the search by clicking on the blue magnifying glass button.

  1. Next, open the Health Sectors filter and click on Profession to open the list of available professions. Select the desired profession (you can make multiple selections as well) and click on Apply.

💡 Note that only professions and overspecializations for which resources are available will appear in the filter’s list.

  1. If you wish to further narrow the results, you can click on overspecialization to open the list of professional subspecialties associated with the profession(s) you previously selected. Once you’ve made your selection, click on the Apply button to see the results.

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