Using search filters

Leverage filters to refine your queries and get exactly what you need.

One of the core parts of the Directory search experience is the usage of filters. Filters are a quick and easy way to refine your queries so that the returned results are exactly what you are looking for.

You can filter by:

Here's an exemple of how you can use filters to improve your search results:

I want to find a resource that provides psychotherapy services in Montreal. Without the use of filters

Searching for "psychiatry" with "Montreal" as a location parameter yields over 810 results!

With the use of filters

I can refine my search results to get more relevant resources to match my needs.

Knowing that I'm looking for a professional who speaks Italian and accepts new patients, I can apply the corresponding filters to narrow my search and get more accurate results.

Applying these three filters has narrowed down the search to a single, relevant result that corresponds exactly to my needs.

To learn more about why filters are sometimes disabled, click here.

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