I can't update a resource

If you are unable to update a resource, it might be because:

  1. The resource is read-only. The Directory is populated by resources managed by Clinia as well as resources that can be added by users in your organization. Only resources added by your organization can be updated or edited, for instructions on how to update a resource, click here. Resources that are managed by Clinia are read-only and cannot be updated or edited. For more information on read-only resources, click here.

  2. You do not have the necessary user permissions to edit a resource. Only users who are assigned a Manager role have the necessary permissions to create and update resources. Find more information on user roles here.

If you are a Manager and are having difficulties updating a resource that was created by your organization, please contact our support team. You can reach us by sending a message through the chat platform at the bottom right corner of your Directory or by sending an email to support@clinia.com.

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