What information is available about a resource

Find out what information is available in Clinia’s Directory search results.

When you perform a search in Clinia’s Directory, the results are displayed in a grid with each resource shown in a card.

The results card displays a summary of the available information for that resource:

  1. The type of resource

  2. The name of the establishment or professional

  3. Opening hours

  4. Phone number

  5. Distance from the location you entered as a search parameter

Clicking on a resource’s card will display the full range of information available for that resource.

  1. Source of the information

  2. Last update date

  3. Services or specialties offered

  4. Address and contact information

  5. Web sites

  6. Languages spoken (if the information is available)

  7. Notes

  8. Online booking (if available)

  9. Opening hours

Some resource types will show information that is specific to their category e.g. The “Tags” field is only shown for community resources to specify which type of support they offer.

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