Searching for a specific service

Learn how you can get better results when searching for a specific service.

In addition to looking up professionals and health care establishments, Clinia’s Directory also offers the possibility of searching for specific services.

As an example, let’s say you need to find a place that offers flu shots in Downtown Toronto. You also need this place to be open after 7 pm and conveniently allow you to book the appointment online.

Here’s how you can do that using Clinia’s Directory:

  1. Since we are looking for a service, enter the name of the service in the search bar. In this case, we type vaccination.

  2. Since we want the results to be located in Downtown Toronto, we enter that information in the location search field. To narrow the results to places as close to our location as possible, we set a range filter for 1 km.

  3. Next, we use the Opening Hours filter to restrict our results to resources open after 7 pm.

  4. Finally, we activate the Booking capabilities option which only returns resources that offer online booking.

  5. Here are the results tailored to your specific needs. You can even switch to Map View for a better visual of where exactly each resource is located.

This is just one example of the many types of queries you can make using the Directory. Try it for yourself and see what you can find!

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