Using query suggestions

Learn to use Clinia’s search suggestions to more easily find relevant results.

Clinia’s search results are powered by its ability to understand the medical concepts present in your query.

However, it may be difficult to know what is an appropriate medical concept to enter in a query, and whether it will return any results.

To help you find what you are looking for, Clinia provides suggestions based on what you are typing in the search bar. As soon as you start typing, we will suggest some possible queries based on the letters you have entered. The suggestions get more accurate with each letter you type.

Each suggestion consists of two parts:

  1. A suggested search term based on what was entered in the search bar, with the matching letters highlighted in bold.

The suggestions are powered by Clinia’s health taxonomy and curated resource directory. This means you can expect suggestions of health concepts such as body parts or interventions, as well as suggestions for practitioners or institutions.

Use Clinia’s query suggestions to get relevant results, with every search!

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