Looking up a practitioner or establishment

Use Clinia to help you find more information about a health institution or practitioner of interest.

There are times when you already know the name of the practitioner or health institution you are interested in and are simply looking for more information such as opening hours, contact numbers, or services provided.

To demonstrate this let’s look at the following example:

“I need to find opening hours for a physiotherapy clinic, but I am not sure of the exact business name and only have their phone number.”

From the home page, you can input the phone number of the clinic in the search bar. Clinia is able to recognize phone numbers whether they are formatted or not.

Next, hit Enter on your keyboard to trigger the search. Clinia will then find and return the clinic in the results section.

You can see the opening hours listed on the tile, or you can click on the tile to get additional details about the clinic.

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